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Ground Handling

One of our main areas of expertise is to provide ground handling services for commercial airlines, cargo airlines and private jet operators. As a strategic partner of IATA, Flight Management arranges all kinds of ground handling services - based on IATA international standards.

We use the latest updated version of the IATA international standard agreement to provide the following services :

  1. Ramp Services
  2. Passenger Services
  3. Representation, Administration and Supervision
  4. Communications and Flight Operations
  5. Support Services

We understand that timely, high quality and customized ground handling services are the key elements of a successful flight. Whether it is an ad hoc or scheduled flight, we make sure that the aircraft, crew, passengers and cargo are taken care of from landing to take off.

We operate 24/7. To find out more email

Our Mission

FML’s goal is to provide a conducive environment for the highly motivated and well-trained individuals who take enjoy their work and provide personalized client services, exceeding expectations !

Our high standards of business ethics are instilled in each and every FML staff, and are delivered through the services we render for our clients and partners.

Safety is our major concern, and we have accomplished this through innovation and by keeping up with updated technology.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to be leading aviation expert on ground worldwide, offering the best aviation services to our clients worldwide. We see ourselves to be the preferred choice to provide all your flight needs.

Our Values

1. Safety
2. Knowledge
3. Liability
4. Diversity
5. Quality
6. Sustainability
7. Service