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Flight Permission

Flight permits are essential for legal and safe aircraft operations and FML has the ability to secure all required permits in a fast and efficient way, We maintain close relationships with the Civil Aviation Authorities and authorized agencies around the Africa in order to secure all type of permits.

We obtain permission for over-flying, landing, and making technical stops in any country of Africa in the shortest possible time for our clients, we can also settle all Civil Aviation charges on your behalf to the relevant Civil Aviation Authority.

Flight Management Limited has gained an international reputation for not only being able to obtain these essential permits in the shortest time frame possible, FML team is made up of experienced, dynamic, active professionals, capable of completing the task quickly and well equipped to handle your emergencies and short notice request.

 Short notice permits
 Diplomatic permits.
 Military and civilian clearances.
 PPR.
 Slot (Seasonal and Ad-Hoc) obtaining and managing.
 the price we quote is the price you pay – no hidden charges.

For all information regarding flight permission, please go to online request or email to

Our Mission

FML’s goal is to provide a conducive environment for the highly motivated and well-trained individuals who take enjoy their work and provide personalized client services, exceeding expectations !

Our high standards of business ethics are instilled in each and every FML staff, and are delivered through the services we render for our clients and partners.

Safety is our major concern, and we have accomplished this through innovation and by keeping up with updated technology.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to be leading aviation expert on ground worldwide, offering the best aviation services to our clients worldwide. We see ourselves to be the preferred choice to provide all your flight needs.

Our Values

1. Safety
2. Knowledge
3. Liability
4. Diversity
5. Quality
6. Sustainability
7. Service